Lovely Word Vol. 41

January 7, 2013

Welcome to the January 7, 2013 edition of lovely words.


Laura Grace Weldon presents Mother & Child Are Linked At The Cellular Level posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “Our cells remain in our mothers, from the time she was pregnant with us until her old age. These cells can help to heal her from illness and injury. We are always connected.”

Isabel Anders presents G Is for Good | BlogHer posted at BlogHer, saying, “G Is for Good is a new installment in my Alphabetarium Blog on”

Lovely Words

Ken Lange presents The Tidal Trap posted at Kenneth Lange, saying, “”You only live twice.” said Ian Fleming. “Once when you’re born and once when you look death in the face.” This story is about the latter…”

Brian Townsend presents Building a Better Us: Power of words posted at Building a Better Us.

Poetry presents Poem about redefining our purpose posted at Personal motivation for thinkers.

Jennif3r presents My Scars and Wounds | Freedom from Ashes posted at Freedom from Ashes, saying, “A poem I wrote on healing through forgiveness and inner transformation that can inspire others that may be in difficult times to rise like the Phoenix.”


Isabel Anders presents Life on the Curve—ONE: Girl | BlogHer posted at BlogHer, saying, “First of a series of five.”

What Inspires You

Laura Grace Weldon presents Book Zombie posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “What bliss we find in books, especially those of us who become so immersed that we’ve oblivious to all else—the book zombies.”

Jim Murdoch presents Music to write to (part one) posted at The Truth About Lies, saying, “Some people like to write with music in the background, others need complete silence. There is no right way but if you do find music helps you focus then you might find this list of lesser known modern classics by Scottish writer Jim Murdoch worth investigating further. Some of the composers featured are Elena Kats-Chernin, Edward Gregson, Mason Bates, Doreen Carwithen, Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Peter Sculthorpe, Wojciech Kilar, Douglas Lilburn and Nino Rota.”

Byteful Travel presents Red Rock Canyon Review: 3 Unmissable Sights posted at Byteful Travel, saying, “Before I visited Las Vegas, I thought that the red rocks I’d seen in Denver were the most alien landscape I’d ever seen. But when I visited Red Rock Canyon on the outskirts of Las Vegas, I stood corrected. Because this place is basically *Martian*. Beautiful & Martian. Don’t believe me? By the end of this article, you will.”

Shannon ODonnell presents A Little Musing…On Small Towns and Small Adventures in Hpa-An, Burma posted at a little adrift: a rtw travelogue, saying, “The quiet, rural beauty of small town Burma and meeting the locals on walks through the rice paddies.”

Who Inspires You

Laura Grace Weldon presents We Choose Our Own Role Models posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “My brief espionage career provided an unexpected role model. Consider looking back to find someone unexpected in your past.”

Writing Resource

Byteful Travel presents How to Create a Hit in Any Artistic Medium posted at Byteful Travel, saying, “Believe it or not, I have absolutely no idea which of my works will become popular on the web and which will be ignored. And if you’re honest with yourself, you don’t either. Sure, some people invest lots of money in SEO, but when creative work is approached with search engines in mind first and people second, it too often becomes only a temporary delight and doesn’t help you grow your audience or your credibility. So how do you create a “hit”? Here’s the secret: You have to be prolific before you can enter the magic.”

Laura Dawson presents Conquer Headlines and Shine! posted at Design Quotes Digital Marketing Blog ~ Design Quotes Blog ~ Digital Marketing Blog, saying, “Writing great content is enough of a challenge in itself, without the possibility that it may not even be read – all because your headline sucks. Learn how to put a new spin on old headline formulas.”

Jeff Callahan presents Top 10 Myths about Writing posted at KindCritic, saying, “Top 10 Myths about Writing: You’ll be surprised!”

Theresa Torres presents 6 Tips for Marketing Yourself Online as a Freelancer | Lisa Mason posted at Lisa Mason, saying, “Marketing yourself online as a freelance writer is a great way to get yourself known, find helpful contacts, and land good-paying jobs. Here are some tips to guide you.”


Byteful Travel presents Japanese Tea Garden Review: Home of San Francisco’s Hidden Sea Monster posted at Byteful Travel, saying, “San Francisco, CA – At first glance, the Japanese Tea Garden nestled within Golden Gate Park seems innocent enough. Birds frolic in its ponds. Verdant trees tower high above your head. And everything seems to be at perfect peace. At first glance, at least. What you don’t know is that the Japanese Tea Garden is home to a disguised Sea Monster, hidden in plain sight. And somehow, it’s still a place of Zen.”

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