Doomsday Dilemma

May 17, 2011

The end of the world is May 21, 20011 and my son and I have a world-ending dilemma; what kind of cake should we buy? My son and I have a tradition; whenever someone predicts the end of the world we have cake. I started this tradition because I remember being afraid of the end of the world when I was a child.

My parents were divorced and their families practiced different religions. So one week I was told I was going to hell. And the next at another place of worship I was told I was really going to hell for visiting the previous place of worship. One of these places of worship would periodically predict the end of time. In fact I became a theology major just to find something that resembled truth.

It was a relief to discover Apostle Paul struggled with his followers about end of time issues and not knowing when Jesus would return. I decided long ago to take the Apostle Paul approach to the delay of the parousia; therefore I’m okay with the ambiguity. Although, all these people coming out of the woodwork predicting the end is getting a bit lame. In an effort to avoid confusion for my son, and to somewhat make light of the situation we have cake.  

We have had a lot of cake over the years. This time my son does not even care what kind of cake we purchase; I have to figure it out on my own. How could it be, the end of the world has become ho-hum in our family? What is this world coming to when we cannot get a little enthusiasm for what may be our last day on earth. I figure our last day on earth can’t be so bad if we get to have cake.

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