Lovely Words Vol. 33

May 16, 2011

Welcome to the May 16, 2011 edition of Lovely Words. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate spring than to find a cozy spot and read a few lovely words. Please, enjoy!


Byteful Travel presents How a Nightmare Changed How I Look at “Productivity” & My Most Precious Gift posted at Byteful Travel, saying, “I died this morning. And yet… I didn’t. The last thing I remember was looking up in the sky and seeing three missiles coming through the clouds. And then? A blinding FLASH.”

Lovely Words

Shannon Bovey presents With Every “Goodbye”, You Learn posted at There Is No Forest, saying, “Sometimes, keeping old journals can really give you perspective…”
Jessica S presents Speaking of… Shakespeare posted at Literary Journey of a Freelance Writer, saying, “For many people, the first taste of Shakespeare’s use of language can be bittersweet. On the one hand, almost everyone has a sense of how uniquely beautiful his words flow. There is almost an aura that supersedes common communication. However, that same unique wordplay can also be rather frustrating at first. The way he almost uses the words as puppets to be played with, rather than tools to communicate with others, has been known to give people headaches now and then.”

What Inspires You

Laura Grace Weldon presents How To Access Your Body’s Unique “Knowing” posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “Bodily “knowing” and ways to get in touch with this capacity bring greater wholeness, happiness, and calm attention to our lives.”




Laura Grace Weldon presents Imaginary Motherhood posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “The vision of togetherness keeps the imaginary mother in me quite happy. She is able to hold on to every moment of the kids’ earliest years. She builds precise memories of each squabble and laugh and each child’s way of drifting slowly toward his or her larger self.”


elissa peterson presents seeking joy… posted at don’t let life pass you by, saying, “in search of the crazy magical kind of joy that fills your soul and keeps a smile on your face when life gets tough”
Eldon Sarte presents Do Your Book One Hill at a Time posted at
Erin Pavlina presents Believe It and Achieve It posted at Erin Pavlina – Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People, saying, “My twin sister and I started playing basketball when we were 10 years old. My father was elated as basketball was his favorite sport. He taught us all the basic skills and worked with us every weekend at the gym to improve our game, then he signed us up for a local community basketball league…”
 Erin Pavlina presents How To Handle Public Criticism posted at Erin Pavlina – Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People, saying, “When I began working as a professional intuitive I thought I was doing a great thing. Helping people navigate the maze of their lives, offering insight and wisdom, helping the police solve crimes, and even bringing people back from the brink of suicide. And so it was that I was surprised and shocked when I…”

Writer’s Resource

Andrea McDougal presents Word Nerds Rejoice: Top 25 Blogs For Editing Geeks posted at Masters in Project Management, saying, “From crossword enthusiasts to journalists, editing geeks can be found everywhere. Often known to correct others in a “who versus whom” situation while looking through a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, they can even be found in our own homes and workplaces.”
Laura Grace Weldon presents 16 Ways To Spark Creativity posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “Let your creative self more fully emerge. Try dreamwork, a metaphor challenge, an aggravation list, sensory awareness, and much more.”
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