Lovely Word Vol. 32

April 19, 2011

Welcome to the April 19, 2011 edition of Lovely Words. Hopefully, we may all breath a collective sigh of relief now that tax season is but a memory. Now we can absorb this interesting array of articles to feed our minds and nourish our souls. Please enjoy!


Socratez presents This Is Why Life Is Simple posted at Socratez Online.
Byteful Travel presents Top 10 Sublime Sights at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland (The City of Roses) posted at Byteful Travel, saying, “What would you do if you saw a rose that looked exactly like a Hawaiian tie-dye shirt? You might gasp or gaze at it for a while, right? What if I said you could see not one, but thousands of roses like this, completely free of charge? Amazingly, all of this is a reality at the International Rose Test Garden. That’s right, within Portland’s Washington Park, this world-famous rose breeding facility produces some of the most incredible roses you could ever imagine. The colors alone will blow you away. (Tons of high-rez photos included.)
Louis Savalli presents Let’s See How Far We’ve Come posted at Sunrise, Soul.

What Inspires You

O.C. Heaton presents What would you rather have: a penny or £1 million? posted at A Rush of Green, saying, “If you have a goal, you may not reach it after thirty days, three months or even three years, but if you keep chipping away at it, eventually the power of compound interest will kick in and all that foundation effort will deliver tangible results. In my case this is a completed novel, which, during the writing process can seem distant. My first novel is proof of this: it took me ten years to write The Human Race, but I kept going. Word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, page by page it was eventually finished – and published.”


Laura Grace Weldon presents The Power of Story: Augusta Speaks posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “Stories can give us strength and provide peace in times of trouble. Especially when we use them on purpose.”


Gary Voysey presents thinking of missing the sun posted at The Borg Poet.
Madeleine Begun Kane presents Two Limerick Odes To World Poetry Day posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.


Laura Grace Weldon presents How To Listen & How To Be Heard posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “Attuned listening—it’s what we long to receive and what others long for us to give. Find out more.”


Nikoya Johnson presents Writing Success In Death posted at Developmental Increase, saying, “Providing insight on the question “Why great artists and writers receive more success in death?”"
O.C. Heaton presents Are writers all “liars and thieves”? posted at A Rush of Green, saying, “Are we? Well, according to Nicholas Hardiment, the serial philanderer and highly successful author in the film Tamara Drewe, we are. After watching the film on Saturday night, I immediately dismissed the incendiary statement. What self-respecting writer wouldn’t? But alas, the words seem to have stuck with me and after five days I have made a U-turn.”
Penny Zang presents Life gets in the way posted at Miss Good on Paper.
e.m. cadwaladr presents Martha posted at e.m. cadwaladr, saying, “Philosophy regarding pigeons and other bipeds.”
Chris Brandon presents Eco Centurians posted at BreakSolid, saying, “A world view of where we are as a species, and a cry out to the masses to become the change we all desperately need.”
Erin Pavlina presents The Benefits of Having a Challenge Buddy posted at Erin Pavlina – Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People, saying, “If you have trouble motivating yourself to take action on a dream, goal, or task, I encourage you to find a challenge buddy. You may be thinking that a challenge buddy is like an accountability partner, but there is a difference. With an accountability partner (or group) you indicate what goal you’re trying to achieve…”

Writer’s Resource

Oliver Wang presents 25 Best Literary Criticism Blogs posted at Master’s Degree.
Margot Adams presents One Word at a Time: Top 15 Spanish Blogs posted at Masters in International Business, saying, “Learning a new language is a heck of a lot easier with the Internet. If you’ve had a beginner course in speaking Spanish, visiting Spanish blogs can be a way to brush up your verbal and reading and writing skills.”
Dallas Burrows presents Journalism Degrees posted at The Journalism Journeyman, saying, “So you purchased an Android rather than an iPhone. Be proud of your purchase, because Android apps for writers and journalists are numerous and growing.”

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