Lovely Words Vol. 26

December 6, 2010

Welcome to the December 6, 2010 edition of Lovely Words. In this season of miracles and blessing, please, don’t forget to be a blessing to others.

Lovely Words

Patti Lecron presents READING THE MOON by P.B.Lecron posted at A French Education, saying, “Learn a charming French dictum that helps to differentiate a waxing from a waning moon.”


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Drunken Limerick  and  Trippy Limerick   posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog


Laura Grace Weldon presents Fostering the Flip Side of Gratitude posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “A practice of gratitude only goes halfway if it pays attention to light but ignores the shadow.”

Byteful Travel presents How I met Merlin Mann by following my Intuition posted at Byteful Travel, saying, “Have you ever put pressure on yourself to do something you feel you should do, but don’t actually want to do? Too often we hold expectations of ourselves to do something that we don’t actually want to do in the first place. The secret is to listen carefully to your intuition, to your heart. What can happen when you do this? Well, last month I took a spur of the moment trip to Madison to see Merlin Mann, productivity speaker extraordinaire, speak at UW Madison as part of their Distinguished Lecturer Series. A distinguished lecture it certainly was, but it also came with a surprise in the end…”


Erin Pavlina presents The Difference Between Being Capable and Being Ready posted at Erin Pavlina – Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People, saying, “A while back Steve did a radio interview with a host and told her about me and what I do. She was excited to hear that I was a professional intuitive and a psychic medium. She had a colleague who hosted a radio show for Sirius Radio that was related to or owned by Oprah…”

Jen presents Poetic License posted at Best Family Adventures, saying, “My girls and I do a lot of writing. This is what happens when small children read books full of big ideas (and even bigger words).”
Mr Squarehead presents I’ll Be Back !!! posted at SQUAREHEAD DIARIES, saying, “The world inside out”

Writing Resource

Rowena Hebert presents 20 Essential African-American Writers posted at Masters Degree.

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