Lovely Words Vol. 25

November 22, 2010

Welcome to the November 22 edition of Lovely Words. In honor of Thanksgiving, let’s all take a little time to reflect on the people and things that make us grateful. We at Lovely Words are grateful for our readers; thank you so very much for hanging in there as we incur growing pains. Everyone, please have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving.

Who Inspires You.

Laura Grace Weldon presents Thanks To Mom, We Tried Turkey Farming posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “As a way of honoring my mother, we tried raising pastured turkeys.”


Shaheen E Lakhan presents Free Will is NOT An Illusion posted at Brain Blogger, saying, “Many scientists think that free-will is an illusion. That is, intentions, choices, and decisions are made by subconscious mind, which only lets the conscious mind know what was willed after the fact.”
Erin Pavlina presents Believe It and Achieve It posted at Erin Pavlina – Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People, saying, “My twin sister and I started playing basketball when we were 10 years old. My father was elated as basketball was his favorite sport. He taught us all the basic skills and worked with us every weekend at the gym to improve our game, then he signed us up for a local community basketball league…”


Laura Grace Weldon presents 9 Amazing Reasons To Be Optimistic posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “Hope builds when beautiful, often little-known wonders are uncovered. Find out how things are getting better in surprisingly wonderful ways.”


Missy Frye presents Where are We? The Importance of Place posted at Incurable Disease of Writing, saying, “Poet, Anne McCrady says, “a great poem, like a photo or a postcard or a painting, begins by creating an image for the audience to consider.”"
Madeleine Begun Kane presents Hairy Limerick posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.
Laura Grace Weldon presents Poetry Diet posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “Is it possible to sustain ourselves by poetry?”


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