Finding Balance…

October 4, 2010

By C. J. Stegall-Evans

In looking at my coming week I see so much work and so little time. I am trying to balance writing, work, school, and something that resembles a personal life. Although I am taking time out every day for prayer and meditation I am having a difficult finding the perfect schedule.

Right now that perfect schedule seems to be if I awake I am working. I know from experience this agenda will take its toll on my health and personal life; but I don’t see another choice. I stop, and remember to breath. I remind myself that the world doesn’t fall apart if I take a nap.

I feel grateful that a lot of my work can be done from home. Lately I find it more comforting to take on one assignment and complete it before starting another. I am no longer a multi-tasker I am someone who follows through on projects.

I’m hanging up my cape I no longer wish to be Superwoman; I just want to make a peaceful contribution to my little part of the world. I do that best by sitting at my desk putting a few words on a page.


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