Georgia on my Mind

August 23, 2010


By C. J. Stegall-Evans

“Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind.” Although Florida is my adopted home, Georgia is my comfort food. It’s mid August and I would imagine the leaves will soon consider turning in Georgia. Don’t’ get me wrong I love the tropical Florida sunshine, but there is something so artistically interesting about the fall season.

The trees begin a symphony of unending colors. The Georgia leaves start out young and green only to turn a bright yellow, burnt orange, then toasty brown and slowly fall from the trees as they play their final swan song. Looking out in the back yard was always a feast for the eyes.  

When I was a child my father would drive my brothers and I from Georgia to Tennessee just to take in all the colors of the autumn leaves. Sometime we would listen to music, sometimes talk, and other times we were so completely in awe of nature’s beauty no words or sounds were needed.  

We would drive along thinking our private thoughts unaware that we were making memories. I count my leaf memories as a wonderful part of my childhood.  I guess after a leaf has lived its leaf-ful purpose it deserves to have people take notice as it takes its final bow. I imagine one can learn a lot about life just studying the life cycle of a leaf.    


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