June 28, 2010

By C. J. Stegall-Evans

Today is challenging in that I have written several articles to post, yet, I’m not putting them out for anyone to see because I’m not feeling it. In fact I’m feeling quite wordless today. Whenever the words don’t come or I am not pleased with what I have written I simply sit and continue to write.

This phase is not quite writers block but rather a time of reflection. This is a time when although I am writing it is of such a personal nature I cannot share it. I don’t like feeling wordless; it’s very isolating. Wordless or not I sit in front of my lap top and write; more than half the battle of being a writer is showing up, sitting down, and writing.

Writers should write even if they don’t feel like writing because everyone else who goes to work gets the job done whether they feel like it or not. Writing is an art but it’s also about discipline, a successful writer is one that shows up and gets to work.

So, even though I am feeling quite wordless this morning, I am grateful for the words that do come. I know that tomorrow is another day and I get to start again with new thoughts and new words.   


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