Words on a Page

June 17, 2010

By C. J. Stegall-Evans 

So many writers struggle just to put words on a blank page. Writing seems such a simple task it makes one wonder why we pour out our life’s blood for it, spend hours obsessing over it, and years devouring the words of others.

Writers stand in the world, yet, apart from it. When we close our office doors we are tasked with squeezing truth through our fingers. This is no easy plight because for some writers simply sitting to write is a chore in itself.

Then there is the fear of the unknown: Who will read my words; will it be interpreted the way I meant for it to be understood; at some point in my life will my words come back to haunt me; will I inadvertently hurt someone I truly love?  

Writers spend hours obsessing about writing because is our mark on the world. It says we were here; this is what we saw; this is how we felt; and sometimes writers tell us “this is how we want you to feel.” Some writers are rewarded for spilling their life’s blood and sadly some are not.

Those who are not rewarded and sometimes those who are may lose their way and turn to drugs and alcohol in order to get through life feeling the world’s pain, joy, hopes, and dreams. Writing is about accessing on a daily basis those feelings most people keep buried deep inside. Writing is walking through a world with a knife in your heart and occasionally running into people who feel the need to twist it.

On the other hand, writing is also about keeping the eye of a child and finding wonder in every flower. It’s about having the ability to relate to people you have never met. Writing is more than words on a page for some it’s a giving of all that we have (our words) and sharing it with the world.  

Writers hungrily spend years devouring the words of others because it gives us hope. Hope that the power of our words can promote change. Hope that our words aren’t just something on paper to be thrown away.  Hope that someone armed with only words matters in this world.






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