What makes a Writer a Writer?

June 3, 2010

By C. J. Stegall-Evans


After you have put in the time and actually practice writing on a daily basis what makes you a writer? A while back I thought a writer had to credentialed to consider him or herself a real writer. But, after I received my credentials I still did not feel I could call myself a writer.

It took a few years for me to realize I am a writer because I write. It’s as simple as that writers write. Becoming a proficient writer requires time and practice as with any profession, but the title of writer is what you bestow upon yourself.

Writers observe the world and provide commentary. They inform, entertain, and provide a general sense of the temperature of the world around them. Writers are the artist who feels the world’s pain, injustice, and joy.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to become a writer you are a writer because you practice, you feel it, and breathe it. Writing is a wonderfully crazy, obsessive profession that is often not easy for those who are more social to understand.

 Writing takes a lot of discipline and hard work which to others looks like you are sitting around doing nothing. Writers are readers in fact capable writers may read more than they write.  Writers are chameleons who get lost in their task and must constantly work to stay grounded.

Of all the jobs I have had, and I have had many, writing is the most fulfilling. It seems all of life has prepared me with the experiences needed to succinctly (I love that word) express my feelings to others in a relatable manner. Writers see beauty in words; writers see beauty in life, but most of all writers write.






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