May 17, 2010

C. J. Stegall-Evans

I spent the majority of last week without internet service. I found the experience to be both beneficial and mildly frustrating.  It was beneficial in that I was able to sit and watch the sunrise without out thinking of what else I could be doing. The days I did not to work outside the home felt slower and easier.

After a couple days I did not feel the need to check in with the outside world or read the news online. I took long rides on my bike through the city as if I were a tourist. I did not read any more than usual but I did feel less rushed.

Career wise I did not move mountains but I did step back and reflect on my wonderfully peaceful life. I am reminded of my technology-less week this morning as I stop working a couple times just to listen to the rain.

Although my week without technology was quite freeing it was also mildly frustrating when I could not post here on WAASA or check my email. I love getting up in the morning writing an imperfect article of whatever is in my head and posting it online.

I enjoy encouraging other to write and I hope those of you who checks in on me every morning were not too disappointed. I also missed checking my email. I have an enormous backlog of email of which I whittle away on a daily basis.

After a few days of missing email duty what was enormous has become insane. So, as I sit here writing, I am trying not to become overwhelmed at the thought of my bulging email box. All the work did not get around to last week is still waiting for me.

 I look at last week as a sort of mini-vacation. I am grateful for small miracles but I am also grateful to have my technology back.   


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