I Dream of Sleeping

April 20, 2010


By C. J. Stegall-Evans 

This is one of those rare weeks when I am so overbooked I am averaging approximately four hours of sleep per night. I still get up and write for at least an hour before I officially begin my busy day. This morning I thought I should spend that hour sleeping but my fingers wanted to write.

I remember that success is mostly a due to persistence, just showing up and getting the work done. Besides, who actually needs sleeping when I can actually write about it? As much as I love to write right now I only dream of sleeping. If I were sleeping I would dream of sleeping.

I know you are thinking she got of early to write about nothing; but that’s the thing about a writing practice, you write even when you don’t want to. You capture your sleep deprived ramblings in hopes of maybe mining something from it for a later project.

After this week it will be easy to write about a sleep deprived character. A writer puts a piece of him or herself in everything they write. Writing sleep deprived adds an extra layer to who you are as a writer.

 Will I book a week like this again? Absolutely not; but I am taking the experience and learning from it. I am learning to appreciate the slow pace of my life just a little bit more. I am learning why people forget to look at the sunrise.

I am also learning that I love to write even when rambling on in a sleep deprived state. Most of all I am learning to just write no matter the situation and what and see what unfolds.


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