Missing the Sunrise

April 14, 2010

By C. J. Stegall-Evans


Lately I’m either working so much or sleeping in (on weekends) that I don’t take the time to appreciate the sunrise. This morning I step outside for a few moments at 7:00am and realize I have missed quite a few sunrises. I wonder what was so important that I could not take fifteen minutes to watch one of Gods greatest creations.

I rarely get so involved in the business of life that I don’t take the time to indulge in the simple pleasure.  I’ve come to my computer almost every morning and working right through sunrise. I take a step back and remind myself that even though next week includes impossible long days I still need to be outside when the sun comes up.  

 I am grateful that when I am getting off balance that reality sets in to pull me back on course. My connection to nature is what makes me feel alive. I enjoy working and I am fortunate that my work is also my passion but I have to find my balance and not get lost. I have a lot of opportunities at my fingertips and its challenging to figure what’s really right for me; so for now I’m juggling.   

I have such a small, quiet, peaceful life and I can’t let anything change it. Taking the time to luxuriate in the sunrise is part of what makes me, me. I think for most of us life comes barreling at us and before long we forget those things that were important to us.  Sunrise is important.   






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