A Writer’s Treasure

April 9, 2010

By C. J. Stegall-Evans 

If you haven’t guessed it, I love writing and I love writers. I was doing research online yesterday and ran across the name Don Murray.  Don Murray is a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and writing teacher who passed away in 2006. Those of you who regularly read my blog know I believe the greatest gift a writer gives other writers is their words.

I enjoy the writings of those who are no longer with us.  I also enjoy reading about those who are no longer with us because for that moment in time as I am reading they are alive. Every few years I read Death Be Not Proud so that Johnny Gunther can live again. I guess I’m reading Murray’s articles so he can also live again.

I look at the pages and pages of Murray’s articles and am convinced that anyone who continues to write will have a compilation of works (sounds easy enough). I am in awe of the sheer volume of Murray’s work and I will strive to work a little harder and a bit longer every day.  

In reading Murray’s words I perceive glimpses of a life well lived. How can you be dead when your words are still alive? Murray reminds me to do something with my life. That something does not have to be anything extraordinary, just something that matters. I think we all come into this world to make a difference in some way.    

Murray made a difference as a writer and as a teacher; but most of all through his writings we know he made a difference as a human being. Most of Murray’s writings are about simple everyday things that when you string them all together it comes out as life. He also writes about the tough things such as his wife’s illness and death, being alone, getting older, giving up his power, and living compassionately. Murray wrote his last article on a Friday and died on Saturday.  We should all live so long, well, and passionately.    








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