No Expectations, Please!

March 23, 2010

By C. J. Stegall-Evans

Most days I wake up with all these expectations of what my life will be like today. Well, today is different for whatever reason I have no expectations. I feel good about this day but I have no set plans. It is freeing in a way but the part of me that want to control every minute of my life is rather confused.

I have only one thing written in my planner. I have a zillion and one things to do; is it possible to just let things go on a week day?  I’m not sure but I will try. I like when new concepts or feelings introduce themselves into my life. I view it as an opportunity to dig deeper and learn more.

I’m curious as to where this will lead as a person and as a writer. Is this a lesson only for today or will I find a way to incorporate it into my life? This strange gift brought with it a new layer of awareness because I really want to be fully present and experience this day.

*** I will finish this thought pattern this evening***

6:23 pm

I attempted to have a day with no expectation just an open heart. I did a lot of listening and was genuinely interested in what students and co-workers had to say. I met quite a few new people and made a point to remember who they are and their story. I don’t feel as if I judged anyone but rather embraced them whole heartedly as themselves. I also noticed that I did not judge myself as harshly. I did not worry whether or not I was making mistakes; I just did my best.         



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