Dreaming in the Rain…

March 3, 2010


By C. J. Stegall-Evans 

I love rainy day dreaming. Most mornings I’m out of bed by five, but on rainy days I give in the dreamer in me. I lie in bed and daydream about waking up in (my future) cottage on the beach. I lie on a soft feather bed under a down comforter, as if nestled in a cloud.

No one gets out of bed early on rainy days when they are nestled in a cloud. The rain is coming down hard in rhythm to the crash of the ocean waves. The louder it rains the more I feel as if I really am on the beach. I am in a fetal position; there is no outside world only this moment, this time. I feel safe and secure allowing my writer-self to give way to my dreamer-self.

Our dreamers have to have space in our lives so that we can see future possibilities. To have a better future we have to be able to see a better future, and then work toward that goal. I let go of thought and lie still feeling my atoms separate and salt air feels every fiber of my being. I am a conscious-yet-unconscious part of the Universe.

I luxuriate in this feeling because it’s not often I can mediate at this level. I hear the sound of a train its vibration making the dream even more real. The ocean, the train, can life be any better than that? I keep my eyes gently closed trying to fit eternity into minutes. The ocean roars, I pull my comforter up around my ears making a cocoon.  

My cocoon is warm, soft, fluffy and free of worries. Today I take a day off from the rest of the world to be a dreamer. I am especially kind to myself and forgiving of myself and others. Today is about a very small world with only goodness and light. Tomorrow can be whatever it chooses but today is for spiritual and emotional healing.    






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