Embracing Life

November 14, 2009

Until recently, I thought it was not possible for me to be more peaceful, but with taking this year off to write, work toward my PhD, and reflect, I am reaching a new level of embracing life. Embracing life, I like the sound of that, it resonates in my ears. My life has become much quieter and I’m listening more to my life and the lives of those around me. I’m making a conscious effort to look at the whole picture before I make rash decisions. I take into account how my actions today will affect my future.

I consider my future, but I don’t feel the need to will it into being, but rather take each day as a blessing. Writing makes me feel as if I am fulfilling my purpose, but I am also trying to take better care of the relationships, I hold dear. I guess from the perspective of the outside world, I am doing less, but I am definitely learning more. Every ten years we reach a defining point in our lives, and we have to decide whether we learn from our past or do we spend the next decade floundering.

According to George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I have decided to learn and grow from my past so that I may get on with the next phase of life. I know a lot of people regret getting older but I find with each decade I become more fascinated with the all possibilities of life.   

I guess what I’m seeking more than anything is personal mastery; having the motivation, discipline, and creativity to learn and grow a little bit every day. Systems thinker, Dr. Donella Meadows tells us, “In the end, it seems mastery has … to do with…strategically, profoundly, madly, letting go and dancing with the system.” The same can be said of life; let go and embrace life however it comes.  My prayer for you as we reach the end of another year is that you reflect on the past, live for the present, and be consciously mindful of your effect on the future. 



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